Tatiana Chapter I


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Summary of the series: Tatiana always was the most beautiful girl in the class, however, her extraordinary beauty left her isolated, and made her an insecure women about herself and her capacities. Once she is married, far away from her home town, she becomes friend with Marta, a neighbor with a lot of experience as a housewife. Tatiana would never thought that Marta an her husband, Benito, would take advantage of her to fulfill their dirties fantasies. Story told from Tatiana’s, Marta’s and Benito’s perspective.

Summary of the chapter: Tatiana stopped breastfeeding her first born recently, but her body doesn’t get it, and keeps producing milk like crazy. She trust in Marta to find a solution to her dilemma, but her confidant and supposed friend sees an extraordinaire opportunity for Benito to get to know up close Tatiana’s incredible tits.

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