About Dantes

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I was born … No no, kidding, sorry I can not stand hehe. The real principle of this goes back around 2002, more or less when I found the page todorelatos.com. Site that housed a host of porn stories and some erotic porn, there tirelessly search stories that met my expectations: stories that stimulate the imagination, to play with the context of situations and the morbid characters. However, very few approached and unfortunately none of them knew how to contribute everything I expected from an ideal story for me.

So I decided to write my own story, I went from being a passive reader to a budding author with many defects in spelling and grammar. “Paulina” was born, the beginning of my first saga. I remember that I sent it to a Spanish author, who I read a lot in those days, waiting for some constructive criticism that would allow me to improve it. The guy answered me in a couple of hours and was lapidary. He confessed that he had to take a couple of showers before finishing it, he had loved it … or rather heated it up a lot. He congratulated me, he told me that the story all I needed was a continuation, so I published it that way and that was a real success on the site. The vast majority, if not all, were positive comments.

Then come “Cristina” and “Verónica”, original stories. Also, after requesting the permission of its author, I wrote the second part of “A beautiful and normal woman and her uncle”, a somewhat contrived title and honestly very badly written but with an incredible background. “Susana”, “Paula” and “Paola” would not be long in coming. At that moment the criticisms began to affect me, not the stories already written, but the continuations that never came. Everything came together with real life, I went to study, time was less and less and economic rewards were always nil.

One day I collapsed. A reader happened to insult me ​​for not continuing his favorite saga. That made me sick, I felt very bad, my effort was not valued. In a fit of madness I closed my account on the site and deleted my stories, they would be only for me.

It would not be until a few years ago that I would publish again. Improve the grammar of my projects and I republished them in the same place. I went up the fourth chapter of “A beautiful and normal woman and her uncle”, others had tried to continue but did not measure up, I felt it was my duty to tell the continuation I had in mind. A weekend of inspiration gave life to “Tatiana”, I immediately knew that it would be a success, is that the story is original and gives a lot in reality.

But I sinned again. The continuations took too long. My readers were anxious and I did not know how to respond to them in the best way.

Today I want to return and I want to do it in a solid and permanent way. This is an ambitious project that includes ebooks published on Kindle, with the aim of generating resources and to be able to build graphic novels or comic of my stories. Who knows ?, maybe audio stories or associate with an expert on the subject and film these stories.

I have never published outside of all reports, never until now. This page aims to accommodate my stories and the exclusive authors who want to join this initiative and give them back so they do not stop writing and can devote the necessary time to deliver quality stories for the benefit of all of us, the readers.

On this page the publications will be announced and the links will be left for downloading the stories through Amazon Kindle. The advances in terms of the covers and the illustrations of the graphic novels will be shown. Will be allowed to vote to the sagas that must be continued with more haste.

I intend to create a page that allows to interact with all lovers of erotic stories. A corner where you can find exclusive quality material. A generator of resources that allows us to create fantasies in letters, in illustrations, in audio, in images.

I ask for help adding more readers and contributing with the pair of dollars that will cost a story in kindle. Thank you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]